Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project 365 2011 Day #147

One of my very favorite flowers...Peonies. This was my wedding bouquet (minus the purple!)...brings back some wonderful memories. I also think of my Grandma Millie whenever I go out to cut flowers...gosh how she loved her flowers...She'd cut a weed and put it in a vase if it struck her fancy. Lol. Me on the otherhand...all has to be "just right"...used to drive us both bonkers! Miss her!!!

Project 365 2011 Day #146

I love babies in bathtubs!!!

Project 365 2011 Day #145

Ed's been working super hard on organizing the garage. We have way too much stuff!!!!

Project 365 2011 Day #144

You probably recognize this little guy's face from earlier blog posts....Asher 3 months old already!!! Wow!!!

Project 365 2011 Day #143

My little Lion on Recital Day!!! As much of a nightmare as yesterday was she did awesome today!!!!! Yay Abigail!!!!

Project 365 2011 Day #142

Max's friend Payton in the back row middle...soooo grown up!!! How did this happen so quick!! Yikes!

Project 365 2011 Day #141

Recital Rehearsal....after much screaming and tears...she did finally get on stage but just stood and watched. Lol :-)

Project 365 2011 Day #140

I was slightly obsessed with this wall!! Lol...all the color...sooo fun...yes I was the crazy lady with the camera. Really wanted to lay down and shoot up at it but I figured at that point they'd consider calling security. Lol :-)

Project 365 2011 Day #139

Special Trip with Mommy to the Lego Store at Easton.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project 365 2011 Day #138

Max tonight at PreK Graduation with his two teachers, Mrs. Greve and Mrs. Mason. I can't thank these ladies enough! Max LOVED school this year!!! :-) Can't believe I will have a Kindergartner!!

Project 365 2011 Day #137

Max and is Pre K Classmates at their Park Day. The rain held off for a short while before we had to race back to the school.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365 2011 Day #128

One of my favorite shots from today (obviously not retouched!). Clayton Underwood - Pro Wakeboarder. If you get a chance watch some of his youtube videos; the guy is ridiculous!! So we are obviously in studio and he was jumping a good 3 feet in the air strapped to his wakeboard...on concrete...while pouring Avitae all over himself!! Dude was amazing!!!
Fun times :-)

Project 365 2011 Day #127

My Mother's Day gifts :-) Pretty new Kindle with a gorgeous bright pink cover and beautiful Gerbera Daisies from my kiddos.

Project 365 2011 Day #126

Our first trip to Churchill Downs. What an impressive place!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project 365 2011 Day #125

Sam looks like the guilty one but he definitely had help....Abigail locked herself and Sam in my bedroom...then locked them into the bathroom as well....by the time I got the doors unlocked they'd shredded about 12 rolls of tp.

Project 365 2011 Day #124

Finally made it to Cincinnati to see my Avitae Billboard!!!

Project 365 2011 Day #123

Some days I should seriously have my own reality TV show...this little guy flew into the house through the door to our garage... I chased him around until he knocked himself out on one of our transom windows...then I couldn't find him...had to leave to get Max from school and when I got back he was there waiting on us...Abbie hid in the bathroom, Max and I chased the bird with Sam following us yelling, "Duck! Duck!". Lol. Finally we chased him out.

Project 365 2011 Day #122

So Serious!

Project 365 2011 Day #121

Finally got around to some Spring shots of my kiddos! All 3 looking towards me at one time...yep I'll take it!

Project 365 2011 Day #120

Max at his birthday party at Sports Ohio. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake/Cupcakes by Have Your Cake and Party Too; they were a hit! Max just wanted to eat the "guy on top". Lol.

Project 365 2011 Day #116

Max on his 5th Birthday!! My baby is 5!!! How did this happen so quick?? As you can tell Buzz is a favorite right now.